Virginia Premier is soliciting proposals for a Fiscal/Employer Agent for Consumer Directed Services.

The purpose of this RFP is to identify a vendor who can provide Consumer Directed services for MLTSS members enrolled with Virginia Premier and meet all the requirements as defined by DMAS for MLTSS members. Among many services, some of the key services include:

  • Pre-employment services including enrolling Medicaid individuals (employers) and their Personal Care Assistants (employees). This includes requesting criminal records check, child abuse and neglect checks, as well as other state and federally required background checks
  • Processing employee timesheets in a timely manner
  • Deducting, filing, and paying state and federal income and employment taxes and other withholdings
  • Paying Personal Care Assistants (employees)
  • Providing customer service through a Call Center
  • Providing training on F/EA enrollment and payroll processing procedures to Medicaid individuals and Designated Entities responsible for supporting the Medicaid individual in managing their Personal Care Assistants
  • Providing an electronic visit verification (EVV) system compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act for personal care services
  • Provide support to Virginia Premier with changing DMAS needs with administration of consumer directed services
  • Process all transactions received from Virginia Premier in a timely manner as specified in the forthcoming technical requirements/ SLA documents