Telehealth Services


Technology has changed our lives, and health care is no exception. One of the things it’s created is a new way of delivering health care called “telehealth”. 

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is when a doctor and patient have an appointment without being in the same room or office together. Instead, they use a phone, tablet or computer with an Internet connection to speak with each other.

These visits often involve both audio and video, but can sometimes just involve audio (as in a telephone call). This makes it possible for a doctor to be in their office while having an appointment with a patient who is at home.

The benefits of telehealth

You can guess what some of the benefits of telehealth are. As a patient, you don’t have to interrupt your schedule with a trip to the doctor’s office. Instead, you can have a video chat with your doctor right where you are.

It’s basically the same as having a video chat with a friend or family member. This means less travel, less time away from family or work, and less difficulty in setting up a convenient appointment time to begin with.

Which brings us to perhaps the biggest advantage of telehealth: it makes it easier for you to see your doctor. As a result, you can likely see them more often, which in turn means more opportunities to get better medical care.

Because telehealth is so convenient, it can wind up making you healthier.

The future of health care

Talk to your doctor to find out what telehealth options they have available. Telehealth might not work for every patient or every doctor. But it is another option that makes health care more accessible.

Every day, telehealth is becoming more and more common. Even if you haven’t had a telehealth appointment yet, you’re likely to in the future.

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