2019 Medicare Coverage Overview

Whether you’re switching plans or you’re new to Medicare, these summaries of benefits will help you choose coverage that’s best for you.

2019 Summary of Benefits

2019 Supplemental Benefits

When you enroll in Medicare through Virginia Premier, you have access to a wide range of extra benefits at no additional cost, including:

  • Dental Services
  • Hearing Services
  • Vision Services
  • Fitness Program
  • Over-The-Counter Benefits
  • Mail Order Benefits

LIS Premium Summary

The LIS Premium Summary shows what you’ll pay each month depending on the plan you have and the level of Extra Help you get. To read these charts, you’ll need to know your plan name and what percentage of the Low-Income Subsidy you get: 100 percent, 75 percent, 50 percent or 25 percent. 

The Basics of Medicare

Get information about the types of Medicare coverage and how to understand your health care needs.

Learn about:

  • What Medicare does and does not cover
  • Who can get Medicare
  • Medicare vs. Medicaid