Behavioral Health Services

Access these provider resources to learn more about Virginia Premier’s behavioral health services: 

ARTS and Community Mental Health Services

To find out more about Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services (ARTS) and Community Mental Health Services (CMHS), please
visit the ARTS/CMHS provider page.

Trauma-Informed Care

Virginia Premier expects all services be provided to members through a trauma-informed care treatment modality. It is important to be aware of the potential impact trauma can have on those we serve, to offer trauma specific services when needed, and to be mindful of trauma-informed interventions.

Providers should follow these core principles of a trauma-informed approach to care: 

  1. Patient empowerment: Using individuals’ strengths to empower them in the development of their treatment
  2. Choice: Informing patients about treatment options so they can choose the options they prefer
  3. Collaboration: Maximizing collaboration among health care staff, patients and their families in organizational and treatment planning
  4. Safety: Developing health care settings and activities that ensure patients’ physical and emotional safety
  5. Trustworthiness: Creating clear expectations with patients about what proposed treatments entail, who will provide services, and how care will be provided

Childhood trauma, if not recognized or left untreated, can result in significant behavioral, physical (medical) or substance abuse problems. Recognizing trauma can be a key factor in prevention. Learn more about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and how to address them.