Healthy Heartbeats, Times Three


Rebeca Gomez joined our Medallion 4.0 plan when she learned she was pregnant. But it was no typical pregnancy: she was carrying triplets. 

Rebeca needed to travel from her home in Fredericksburg to a hospital in Charlottesville to get care for her high-risk pregnancy. Rebeca only speaks Spanish. Fortunately, one of our medical outreach representatives, Kayla Diaz, also speaks Spanish.

Kayla helped set up rides to and from all Rebeca’s doctor’s visits. She worked closely with Rebeca as Rebeca went through our Healthy HeartbeatsSM program, which helps ensure healthy pregnancies for both babies and moms. Kayla got “baby boxes” for the triplets with “safe sleeping” information (and much-needed diapers). And she made sure Rebeca was able to get to the baby shower we hosted.

“Along with the medical care they need, we help our pregnant mothers get information on things like post-partum depression and breastfeeding,” says Kayla. “We try to help them feel at ease and understand everything they’re going through during their pregnancies. We work to empower them to be better parents from the start.”

Rebeca agrees whole-heartedly. “I’m so grateful for Virginia Premier and Kayla,” she says. “Any time I had a question and called, I would get the information and help I needed. When I learned one of my babies needed to wear a protective helmet, I called Kayla. She let me know that it would be covered by Virginia Premier.”

Now the triplets — Eitan, Matthew and Zoe — are in our Healthy FootstepsSM program. Overall, all three babies are doing well. And, thanks to help provided by Kayla, they are off to a good start.

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