Quality Initiatives

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2020 Quality Program Description 

The primary objective of Virginia Premier’s Quality Program is to continuously improve the quality of care provided to members, enhancing the overall health status of Virginia Premier members. Improvement in health status is measured through the use of Health Employer Data Information Set (HEDIS®) information, internal quality studies, ongoing regulatory and accreditation compliance and focusing on the overall health outcomes of our population. Virginia Premier is committed to improving the communities where the members live through participation in public health initiatives on both the national and local levels, and achievement of public health goals. A detailed description of our program can be downloaded here:


2018 Quality Program Evaluations

The annual Quality Program Evaluation is an evaluation of the previous years’ quality improvement activities and provides a mechanism for systematically completing an analysis of Virginia Premier’s performance and for defining meaningful and relevant quality activities for our members. Through a structured review of the various clinical, service, administrative and educational initiatives, the program evaluation serves to emphasize the accomplishments and effectiveness of the Quality Program as well as identify barriers and opportunities for improvement within the process. A copy of the Annual Evaluation can be obtained by contacting the Quality Department. An Executive Summary of our evaluation can be downloaded here:.


What’s Important in Quality

Virginia Premier Quality Satisfaction Committee 
The Virginia Premier Quality Satisfaction Committee was developed and implemented to oversee, manage and work in collaboration with departmental leaders to effectively define, measure, analyze, improve and control outcomes related to key quality satisfaction activities, at both the member and practitioner level, such as grievances/complaints, plan integration of member and practitioner/provider feedback (when appropriate) at the advisory meetings and satisfaction survey outcomes.

Cultural Competency
Please tell your doctors to take the Virginia Premier Challenge and complete a Cultural Competency Course today. The purpose of the course is to help your doctors treat and care for members of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Each practitioner is highly encouraged to complete the class. The practitioners that complete the class will be recognized. If you are interested in obtaining more information on cultural competency, please contact the Quality Department at 1-800-727-7536.