Prenatal Resources

Why is breastfeeding so important?

  • Breast milk is the best nutrient for your new baby
  • Breast milk is rich in antibodies which help fight off illness and disease
Talk to your Medical Outreach Representative to hear about the breastfeeding benefits we offer! Click here to learn more about the benefits of breastfeeding!

How do I sign up for WIC?

  • Contact your local WIC department or ask for help from your Medial Outreach Representative
  • WIC gives healthy foods to pregnant moms, babies and growing children
  • WIC supports breastfeeding moms Learn more about nutrition for your family!

When and why should I visit my doctor post partum?

  • Between 4-6 weeks after you deliver
  • This visit is very important to make sure you are healthy after you deliver

For additional resource and information see below:

Text4Baby: Sign up for Text4Baby  You will receive FREE text messages throughout your pregnancy and your baby’s first year! Topics include prenatal care, baby health parenting and more!

Car Seat: To obtain a car seat from the Virginia Department of Health Call: 1-800-732-8333

Safe Sleep: Babies should be put on their backs to sleep. Watch the video below to learn about safe sleep practices for your infant!

For Dad: Dad’s, you are important too! For parenting tips and tools to help support you in your fatherhood journey, check out For Fathers, the National Fatherhood Initiative.

Do you know about Centering Pregnancy?

Centering Pregnancy is prenatal care offered in a group setting. This model of care allows you to take part in your prenatal care activities (weight checks, blood pressure readings and more) and receive support from other group members.

Please visit to learn more about the program, the benefits, and to find a Centering Pregnancy approved site.

Parenting Education

Domestic Violence and Homeless Shelters:

If you are in an abusive or violent relationship, we urge you to seek help.  A list of shelters in Virginia can be found at