Healthy Heartbeats

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Virginia Premier’s Healthy HeartbeatsTM Program helps out at each stage of your pregnancy and postpartum. It provides prenatal care for you and your baby while you’re pregnant, and will stay with you after your baby is born.

Member Rewards and Benefits

Enrolling in Healthy Heartbeats will connect you to benefits like free breast pumps and educational text messages. You’ll also be able to earn points, which will then earn you rewards. For simply going to your OB appointments, attending classes, or participating in one of our Healthy Heartbeats baby showers, you can earn points and get rewarded with:
  • Gift certificates
  • Baby essentials
  • A postpartum care package

Member Testimonial

Take a look at our latest member testimonial:
Healthy Heartbeats™ Program Surpasses Virginia Premier Member Needs  

Sign up today

There are two ways to enroll in Virginia Premier’s Healthy Heartbeats Program.

Call 800-727-7536 and ask about enrolling in our Healthy Heartbeats Program.

We are here to help

The program will partner you with a Medical Outreach Representative, who will help you with:

Doctor Appointments

Setting up doctor visits, both prenatal and postpartum.


Setting up transportation to your visits.

Prenatal Classes

Enrolling in prenatal classes and community programs.

Breastfeeding Resources

Getting breastfeeding resources and support to help you nurse your baby.

Healthy Lifestyle

Learning how maternal nutrition and lifestyle influence a mother and child's health.

Educational Resources

Getting education and support resources for pregnancy and postpartum. Learn more.

Who is on the Healthy Heartbeats Care Team?

Each member gets their own care team, set up with their specific needs in mind. You’ll first be paired with a Medical Outreach Representative who will then connect you to additional support, like health educators, case managers, or community resources. 

Your care team will also include your OB/GYN doctor. Together, these team members will provide you with the education, support and care you need to help you have a healthy pregnancy and baby.