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You could say there are two types of doctors who you are likely to work with to keep healthy—a primary care provider (PCP) or a specialist.

What is a Primary Care Provider?

A primary care provider is the kind of doctor who provides you with checkups and routine care (for example, your Annual Physical Exam). They look at your overall health and may point you toward a specialist for more specific healthcare. You will only have one PCP, though you might switch to another over the course of time.

What is a Specialist?

Specialists provide care for specific conditions or parts of the body. You might see more than one specialist at a time. For instance, you might see a cardiologist for heart conditions and a dermatologist for skin conditions.

Our Provider Search Tool

Are you looking for a PCP or a specialist? If so, try the Virginia Premier provider search tool to help find a doctor, therapist or other health professional in our network for the care you need. It can also help you find pharmacies, urgent care centers and hospitals near you.

You can even search for providers by gender, by the languages they speak and by handicap accessibility. Once you find the provider you’re looking for, you can set up an appointment with them.

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