Eye Exams for Children


Did you know that about 80 percent of what your child learns in school is visual? Getting your child’s eyes checked regularly is so important because it often changes as they age.

So what’s a parent to do? Get regular eye exams! They’re the best way to ensure your child is seeing well. 

How do I get an eye exam for my child?

To get an eye exam for your child, all you have to do is take them to their Well Child doctors visits. Eye exams are included in regular doctors visits for children under the age of 21.

If the doctor finds any problems, you or your child may be referred to an ophthalmologist (an eye doctor).

What happens during an eye exam?

Your child’s doctor will ask if there are any concerns with your child’s eyesight. The doctor will then check your child’s eyes using a light. And for older children, teens and young adults, the doctor may also use an eye chart.

Want more information?

Visit healthychildren.org for more information and guidelines on eye exams.

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