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How to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

For many, the lead-up to the Holidays can be a magical time. But once the Holidays are over, it can feel like all the magic just vanishes – leaving you feeling a little down. We call this feeling the post-holiday blues, and it can have some serious effects on your wellbeing.

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Self-care for a Brighter Holiday

The holidays can be an exciting time of the year. However, it can also be a time of great stress, wrought with financial concerns, unrealistic expectations, difficult relationships and even depression.

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How to Read an Explanation of Benefits

What is an explanation of benefits? Every once in a while, you’ll get an Explanation of Benefits, also known as an “EOB” from your health insurer. What is it? What is it trying to tell you? Is it a bill? No, it’s not a bill, but it does have useful information.

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What is Pneumonia

Every year during cold and flu season, we hear about how to tell if your sniffles and sore throat mean you have a cold or the flu. Pneumonia causes many similar symptoms, but can be far more serious if left untreated.

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