Wholistic Health Care for Those Young and Young at Heart

Virginia Premier employee pushing woman in wheelchair

Embracing top quality care: It’s essential to our mission here at Virginia Premier. That’s why it’s one of the three imperatives of our five-year strategic plan. It’s also why we introduced several new health programs for our members in the past year, while improving ones they’ve already come to rely on. 

One of the largest, most successful programs we offer is our Healthy Heartbeats program, which helps mothers give birth to and raise healthy children. Since last year, participation in Healthy Heartbeats has grown almost 7%. Part of this growth can be attributed to the variety of events and services we include in the program, such as our baby showers and breastfeeding classes. In 2018 alone, we hosted 19 community baby shower events, which served over 190 members. And for our Roanoke members, we hosted breastfeeding classes throughout the year. As a result, our member’s breastfeeding rate is up almost 20%.

Additionally, we engaged with ProgenyHealth—a third-party care service dedicated to improving the health outcomes of premature and medically complex newborns—to help our babies who go to Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU). As part of this partnership, ProgenyHealth will help to provide care and guidance to both the providers and parents throughout the baby’s whole first year.

For our members with older children, we introduced our positive discipline classes to help give parents tips and techniques on raising children. Additionally, we’re partnering with a local YMCA in the Roanoke area to offer free fitness classes for younger members. And not only that, we’re supporting The Basics program which helps mothers prepare their children for school. Last but not least, we distributed 648 dental kits to both our adult and child members.

We’ve also found ways to connect with our members. We conducted nearly 2,000 member home-visits in the previous year to make sure our members’ health care data is up to date, and we’re in the loop with regards to their health. We also incorporated advanced tools and capabilities for our commercial products by offering our MyHealth online portal to our Individual and Family members. Now, they can access health resources 24/7.

In the year ahead, we’re expanding the services our Watch Me Grow program offers by including school preparedness, positive social behaviors and strengthening family bonds as part of the program. And we’re also planning to continue to focus on addressing the social determinants of health.

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