Thanksgiving While Social Distancing

Thanksgiving Turkey

This year, Thanksgiving is still going to be a bit different than usual, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, you don’t have to call off the holiday. Virginia Premier has some tips to share on how to celebrate Thanksgiving while staying as safe as possible.

Keep it small

It’s natural to want to gather as many of your family and friends in one place to celebrate. But the more people there are in one place at one time, the easier it is for COVID-19 to spread.

The smaller you can keep your gathering, the safer you and everyone else can be. If possible, celebrate with just the folks in your household or a small group of vaccinated family and friends. Of course, there’s no danger in having people join you virtually for the holidays.

Safe connection tips

Some of you might still plan to travel for the holidays or have friends travel to stay with you. Follow these tips to help keep everyone safe:

  • stay at least six feet away from anyone you don’t live with
  • wear a mask if not vaccinated
  • wash your hands often

Advice for our members on COVID-19 measures

Virginia Premier also has advice and assistance for our members during the pandemic. You can find them on our coronavirus page or by contacting your Virginia Premier representative. You can also follow the Virginia Department of Health website for more updates.

Protect yourself and others with a flu shot

Along with the cooler weather comes the flu. Remember to get a flu shot. Most local pharmacies provide the vaccine or visit your primary care provider. As a Virginia Premier Advantage Elite member, there is no cost to you for the flu shot.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

The holidays are all about family and friends being together, even if the rules for being with one another continue to be different this year. No matter how you or your family decide to spend the holiday, we want to encourage you to be safe.

With a little extra attention, we can make sure this Thanksgiving remains a time to be thankful for one another, and for how we keep one another healthy, happy and safe.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays from Virginia Premier.

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