Six Things to Know About Getting Medicaid Coverage

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  1. Even if you haven’t qualified in the past, you may qualify now. Changes made in recent years have set up new rules for who qualifies. Check out the screening tool on Cover Virginia’s website to see if you are eligible:
  1. You can apply for Medicaid at any time. Unlike other kinds of insurance, you don’t have to wait for an enrollment period to apply.
  1. There are many ways to apply for Medicaid. You can:
  1. Medicaid covers more than just doctor’s visits. It helps with hospital stays and drug costs, too. There are even ways to get additional benefits on top of what Medicaid gives you.
  1. You can choose which organization you get your Medicaid benefits through. In the Medicaid program, you can choose to get your Medicaid benefits through a company called a Managed Care Organization (MCO). Most of the time, these MCOs will give you extra benefits on top of what you get from Medicaid.
  1. There are other options beyond Medicaid. Even if you don’t qualify for Medicaid, there may be other ways to get health insurance. The website is a place to look for plans with a variety of prices, making it easy to find something that fits your budget.
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