Medicare Facts Made Simple: What you should know

Learning the basics of Medicare

Understanding Medicare can be difficult, what with all the terminology you have to learn. Fortunately, Virginia Premier is here to help you speak the Medicare language. 

  • What is Medicare and what does it cover?
    • Medicare is health coverage provided by the government. Part A is inpatient (hospital) coverage, Part B is outpatient (medical) coverage, and Part D is prescription drug coverage. Sometimes Medicare contracts with a private company to create a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan. Medicare Advantage plans include Part A and B benefits, plus additional benefits and services.
  • Am I eligible for Medicare?
    • Medicare covers most anyone age 65 and up, and people with certain disabilities under age 65.
  • What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?
    • Medicare and Medicaid are both government programs. However, Medicare generally covers people age 65 and over, while Medicaid generally covers people (often children) with limited income. Some people are covered by both programs.
  • How much does Medicare cost?

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