Safe Care. Healthy You.

During the pandemic, it’s important to mask up, wash your hands thoroughly and practice social distancing. This is to avoid both catching COVID-19, as well as, passing it along to others.

COVID-19 vaccines have been developed, tested, proven safe and approved by the FDA.  These COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed in phases according to state and federal guidelines.  We are currently waiting to receive the vaccine for distribution and will announce when the vaccines are available.

Until then, it is important to continue to practice social distancing, wear a mask and still get the regular medical care and attention you need in order to stay healthy. Doctors, hospitals, pharmacies – are all introducing ways to keep in touch while minimizing your risk of catching COVID-19—including, providing appointments over the phone or video link (“telehealth”), mail-order delivery of prescription drugs and more.  Talk to your doctor about the safety precautions being taken during this pandemic.

Below are some things that are important to your health, along with tips on how to manage them during the pandemic.

If you have any questions for us, please contact Member Services.

Preventive Care

Girl in yellow wearing a face mask

Just like social distancing helps keep you from catching COVID-19, there are many things you can do to keep yourself safe from other illnesses:

  • Schedule your annual check-ups and wellness visits
  • Don’t forget to get preventive health screenings such as Mammograms, Colonoscopy, Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) tests.

These tests often provide early detection of health problems and provide greater options for treatment. Talk with your doctor about the preventive screenings you might need to schedule.

And, as a member of Virginia Premier, these preventive care measures are available at no cost to you.

Immunizations for All Ages

Boy with a band aid on his arm

Infants, children, young adults, middle-aged, expecting mothers and seniors – regardless of age, there are vaccinations you should get to protect yourself from diseases, such as measles, tetanus, human papillomavirus (HPV), shingles and more.

Again, as a member of Virginia Premier, you and your family are eligible to receive these immunizations at no cost.

See the links below to find out what vaccinations are required at different ages:

Ask your doctor about how to get these vaccinations, including your seasonal flu shot. Visit our health programs web page for all ages

Flu Shots

Woman under blanket blowing her nose with a tissue

We’re still waiting for a vaccine for COVID-19, but we have one readily available every year for the seasonal flu. The flu, or “influenza”, has similar symptoms in common with COVID-19. Be safe and be protected. Get the flu vaccine.

Where? There are many places to get your flu shot, such as your doctor or your local pharmacy. And, like other immunizations, as a member of Virginia Premier, you are eligible to get the flu vaccine at no cost to you.

Keep in mind: the flu shot can’t give you the flu. But it will help keep you from catching the flu, and make any symptoms less severe, if you do catch it.

Care for Your Chronic Conditions

Senior woman having her blood pressure measured at a doctors office

If you’re living with a health condition, you will need the same medical care and support you needed before the pandemic. That means timely access to your prescription drugs, as well as COVID-19- safe ways to continue your care.

From telehealth appointments and sanitizing procedures to mail-order prescription delivery, Virginia Premier is making it easy for you to access the things that keep you healthy.

Learn more about our Chronic Care Management programs and our case/care management services.

To find out how we’re focusing on your health, or to let us know what you need, contact Member Services.