Provider Story: Drs. Richard Bennett and Krishna Madiraju

stethoscope on patient's shoulder

Virginia Premier’s mission is simple: to inspire healthy living in the communities we serve. Through our network of highly qualified providers like Drs. Richard Bennett and Krishna Madiraju, we are able to successfully achieve our goal and provide our members with excellent care.

For almost 20 years, Dr. Bennett has been working with Virginia Premier to provide top quality health care to our members. Reflecting on this partnership, Dr. Bennett says, “Working with Virginia Premier has been a wonderful experience.”

A big reason for this positive experience is the emphasis Virginia Premier places on collaboration, team work, and compassionate care – all of which are important to Dr. Bennett. For example, Dr. Bennett recently had a patient who benefitted from all three of these. The patient was a young man who was mad at the world. He had failed the 9th grade three times and was thinking of dropping out. Dr. Bennett remembers one time when the young man “came to my office ready to fight. I asked his mother to leave, and he and I had a heart to heart.” After their talk, the young man agreed to start taking medication to help him focus. Dr. Bennett believes Virginia Premier was crucial in this, “Virginia Premier gave me the opportunity to prescribe the correct medicine and do it quickly without a prior authorization,” said Dr. Bennet. As a result, the young man not only passed the 9th grade, but caught up the next year. And it gets better. The young man also convinced his friend to re-enroll in school, and as of May 2019, they’re both high school graduates. Both of their lives are forever changed thanks to Dr. Bennett’s compassion, and the collaboration with Virginia Premier.

"Working with Virginia Premier has been a wonderful experience."

Like Dr. Bennet, Dr. Krishna Madiraju knows the importance of building partnerships. Through his practice, Century Pediatrics Inc., he’s always working to recruit other pediatricians to join him – a skill he got to practice when he joined the
Virginia Premier network.

When he first joined our network, Dr. Madriaju worked closely with AJ Binga, a Virginia Premier provider representative. The two hit it off immediately, and began to cultivate a strong partnership. This relationship proved important in Virginia Premier’s growth in the central and northern Virginia regions. Dr. Madriaju had such a great experience working with AJ Binga that he helped to recruit other pediatricians and specialists into the Virginia Premier network. Working together, the two built a network of primary care providers and specialists so that Virginia Premier members can access services in the most expedient way. Looking back on that time, Dr. Madiraju says, “My association with Mr. Binga has been one of the most fruitful experiences.”

We’re beyond fortunate to have providers like Drs. Bennett and Madiraju in our network. And we know our members feel the same way.

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