Medicaid With Virginia Premier

Switching Medicaid Plans is Your Choice

Were you switched to a different Medicaid plan that you didn’t choose? Are you on Medicaid and looking for a trusted insurance provider for your benefits? Or are you still waiting to get your new ID card from your new Medicaid plan?

Don’t worry, you’re still in charge. You can choose your Medicaid plan for yourself and your family.

You can also choose Virginia Premier by enrolling online on the Virginia Managed Care website. 

Visit and click “Get Started”

Enter your date of birth, your Medicaid ID or Social Security Number

Under Enrollment Wizard, Select Members

Verify your current Enrollment Status and Plan

Select Find Plan

Click the “Select Plan” button next to the Virginia Premier option

You can also choose Virginia Premier on your Android or iPhone.

Simply search for “Virginia Medallion” on Google Play or the App Store, and follow the instructions to complete your enrollment with Virginia Premier

Call the Virginia Managed Care HelpLine at


and tell them you want to switch to Virginia Premier. Have your Medicaid ID number or Social Security Number ready.

The HelpLine is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. Translation services are available. 

For over 20 years, Virginia Premier has provided Medicaid coverage to individuals and families throughout Virginia. Our benefits cover doctor visits, pregnancy care, hospital stays, emergency care services, medications prescribed by your doctor, transportation, vision and dental care and more. Learn more about Medicaid coverage with Virginia Premier.

Why Choose Virginia Premier?

three doctors shaking hands

Top Provider Network
We have a wide selection of doctors, hospitals and other health care options available across Virginia. You can search online to find one near you.

doctor using stethoscope to listen to a girl's heart

Care Coordination
You’ll have a care coordinator available to help you set up appointments and transportation and to make sure your benefits are working for your well-being.

Transportation Van in Motion

We provide rides to your covered medical appointments when no other means are available. Just call five working days before your appointment.