How to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

Gingerbread cookie with a frowny face

For many, the lead-up to the Holidays can be a magical time. Neighborhoods are lit up with festive colors, friends and family are getting together, and all the movies have storybook endings. But once the Holidays are over, it can feel like all the magic just vanishes – leaving you feeling a little down. We call this feeling the post-holiday blues, and it can have some serious effects on your wellbeing – in some cases, leading to depression.

Although the holidays have passed, you can do some of the following activities to keep your mood positive and fight the post-holiday blues.

  1. Write down some of your favorite memories from the holiday season or from years past. Remembering the fun things you’ve done can bring back the happiness you’ve experienced. You don’t need a specific time of year to enjoy the feelings of good memories, and you can read your memories any time you feel the post-holiday blues sneaking up.
  2. Share a good memory with a friend, or reach out to one that you haven’t been able to connect with recently. You may end up being a source of encouragement for someone else going through a hard time!
  3. Take time to plan for the new year. Imagine where you want to be at this time next year, and set goals to get there over the next 12 months.
  4. Get up and move around! A short, safe walk around the block, or even some light cleaning can do wonders for your health and attitude.
If you feel like your post-holiday blues could be making you depressed, talk with your doctor right away. They’ll be able to give you a free depression screening, which can help shed some light on your state of mind. Based on the results, you and your doctor will be able to develop a plan of action, so you can start feeling better. Remember, depression and post-holiday blues are common conditions, and they are beatable.
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