Free Ways to Give Back

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The holiday season can be a tough time for many. The days are shorter, roads and highways are more congested, and just making it out of the grocery store alive can seem like a major feat. But at the same time, trees and buildings are lit up in festive colors, families and friends are getting together, and people are shopping for others. The Holidays can be either negative or positive – it’s all how you look at it. And one of the best ways to stay positive during the Holidays is by focusing on what they’re all about: giving back to the community. 

Many ways exist to give back to your family, friends and community. Here are a few ideas that consider different talents and ability levels.

  1. Thank you notes-if you have a pen and paper, you can encourage someone! Telling someone how grateful you are for a specific thing they’ve done can really lift someone’s spirits.
  2. Visit those without family, or who can’t be with their family-calling a local nursing home or hospital to check on times and dates to visit with those who aren’t with loved ones this year will do wonders for both you, and your new friend! It can be interesting to hear stories from older generations, and imagine what life was like to live in a different time.
  3. Like animals? Volunteer at a local animal shelter-giving back doesn’t have to just mean to people, although volunteering your time will help with easing the burden of full-time volunteers. Many hands make light work, plus who doesn’t love seeing the excitement on a pet’s face when you’re there to spend time with them?
  4. Clean out your home-If you have gently used clothing, toys, houseware items that you haven’t used, consider donating them to an organization that helps others in need. The organization Give Back Box provides a way to re-use boxes you may already have to ship your gently used donations for free. Visit to learn how to get your free shipping label. It’s a great way to get the collected items out of your home, once you go through the work of cleaning them out.

No matter how you choose to show love this time of year, just remember you don’t have to spend big bucks to care for those around you.

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