Find Food, Health, Housing, Job Training Programs

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Seeing the doctor isn’t the only thing that helps you stay healthy. That’s why, through our partnership with Find Help, we’re bringing you access to the nation’s largest online directory of free and reduced-cost community-based organizations. 

At no cost, our members can get help with the other things – housing, employment, transportation, food and more – that play a role in our physical and mental well-being. Whether it’s getting a ride to work or to see the doctor, getting diapers for your newborn, or getting help paying your monthly rent, there are many local resources and programs available to lend a hand.

Now you can find them using this online search tool. Just plug in your ZIP code and you’ll be connected with local organizations offering:

  • Food
  • Job training
  • Baby supplies
  • Transportation
  • Housing and shelter
  • Advocacy and legal aid
  • And much more

Your health is everything to you, and we want you to get every bit of help there is in staying healthy.

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