Employee Story: Tanya

Virginia Premier employee

Tanya Corprew wears many different hats: she’s a mother of three, a grandmother to her seven-year-old grandson, a “team mom” to the kids on her children’s sports teams, and a medical outreach representative in Virginia Premier’s Tidewater community. But no matter which hat she’s wearing, Tanya always treats everyone like family.

Born and raised in the Tidewater area, Tanya has a strong connection to the  people who live there—explaining her volunteer work  as  a  team  mom. Tanya first started working as a team mom for her son’s football team.  She’d  bring snacks for everyone, wash dirty uniforms, and always cheer for the team. She enjoyed meeting the local parents and their kids—although she wasn’t too crazy about the laundry. “You know how many jerseys I’ve washed over the years?” Tanya says with a laugh. Despite this, Tanya continues to volunteer as  a  team mom, but now with her grandson’s track team. Being a team mom is a big time commitment, but family is important to Tanya. That’s why she loves Virginia Premier.

"It’s really family-oriented here."

This focus on family is why Tanya has worked at Virginia Premier for almost 12 years. “If I need to leave early to pick up my child, or take them to a doctor appointment, it’s no problem.” Virginia Premier respects families, and Tanya mirrors this approach with the work she does. She goes out into the neighborhoods, knocking on doors and meeting members in their homes to assess and get them the care they need.

Tanya takes her responsibilities seriously because she knows how it feels to be in need of care. “I used to be in their position back when I was younger… back when I was a teenager and I got pregnant.” Back then, Tanya didn’t have access to health education or resources our Medical Outreach team provides, which is why she loves what she does now: “It gives me a chance to meet different people and kind of help somebody that was in my predicament.”

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