We are Committed to be Champions for Equality

Recent events in America are a sobering reminder of our country’s long and troubled history of racial inequality and injustice. These issues linger, simmer and boil over –  into our hearts and onto our streets. The images on the television and in our community are heartbreaking…leaving us sad, angry and frustrated. Our entire community, including our black community, is hurting deeply. 

It is often easier and more convenient to avoid uncomfortable conversations on race, injustice and inequality. For those that have shared their stories with me and each other, I am grateful to all. We must all walk in the shoes of others to truly understand and be compassionate for others. At Virginia Premier, we aspire to build better lives for all of us. We have been committed to being champions of equality and inclusivity in our employee population that has been the fabric of our community for more than 25 years. We recognize that only by interacting with and listening to each other do we truly understand and appreciate one another. Honest dialogue is critical, as is fighting injustice wherever it exists.

We are part of every community. We are one community. And together, we will continue to take action to preserve the rights of all citizens and making care a right, every day. We are committed to be champions for equality as we continue this journey together.

Linda Hines, RN, RS, MBA
Interim CEO

Below are mental health resources to support you during this time:

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