Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week

Mother and baby sitting by window

Virginia Premier celebrates National Breastfeeding Month this August. Our Healthy Heartbeats program hosted two webinars for World Breastfeeding Week (August 1 – 7). Watch the replay videos from the Virginia Premier Facebook page.

All About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is unique for each person. The webinar covered:

  • Breastfeeding tips
  • Breastfeeding positions

Presented by Valerie Coleman
Family Life Education and Lactation Services Program Director
VCU Health System

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All About Breast Pumps

Having the right breast pump can make a difference. This webinar reviewed:

  • Tips for selecting a breast pump
  • Helpful breastfeeding resources

Presented by Allea Donaldson
Aeroflow Breastpumps

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The Healthy Heartbeats program is here to help members with breastfeeding anytime. Members are eligible for free breast pumps and other resources. The Healthy Heartbeats care team will provide you with the education and support needed for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Join the program by emailing healthyheartbeasts@virginiapremier.com or calling 1-800-727-7536.

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